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  • Popping Stars
  • Popping Stars
  • Popping Stars
  • Popping Stars
  • Popping Stars
Description of Popping Stars

Come and eliminate the stars! This is the most fun square elimination game in the world!

Come and eliminate the stars! This is every mobile phone must be equipped with leisure games!

Come and eliminate the stars! It's a bang bang bang game where you can't stop

This game is different from other three elimination or line elimination games. As long as two squares have the same color, stars can be eliminated. There are many levels in the game. With the increase of levels, the difficulty of the game is increasing. You are required to achieve higher and higher scores and constantly challenge yourself. Although the game is simple, in order to continuously sprint to a higher level of difficulty, players need to think carefully about the layout of each step after eliminating stars. Eliminating stars is definitely a wonderful small game to kill boring time.


1. By touching the box on the screen, click operation

2. If there are two or more connected squares, such blocks will explode and be eliminated from the game layout

3. until all the connectable blocks are selected, the game challenge is over, and the score obtained by eliminating the stars determines whether or not to pass the test


1. Four game modes

2. The dynamic music and sound effect are combined with the special effect of bang bang, which makes people unable to stop

3. Fresh leisure style, let the player experience relaxed game fun

4. Easy to start, difficult to master, this is a very challenging game, the challenge content is rich

5. Game style fresh and lovely, is a very suitable for girls to play girl games

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